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Board Certified Interventionist

Addiction is the primary condition that tells the sufferer they do not have it. Addiction can be treated. Families can be saved. However, addiction continues to get worse until it is addressed. 

Intervention works.

The Intervention breaks through the drinker or drug user’s denial and defense mechanisms, enabling them to see what you see.

  • This is done in a loving yet firm manner preferably under the guidance of a trained Interventionist.
  • I follow a step-by-step approach to demonstrate the harm the addictive behavior has caused.
  • We don’t argue. We don’t yell. We don’t fight. We don’t threaten.
  • Participants share their observations and explain how the addicted person’s behaviors affects others.
  • The goal is to get the loved one into appropriate treatment, depending on individual need.
  • I also focus on the family’s needs. You have been dealing with active addiction, too.
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