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Board Certified Interventionist

Addiction is the primary condition that tells the sufferer they do not have it. Addiction can be treated. Families can be saved. However, addiction continues to get worse until it is addressed.

Intervention works.

I have developed a systematic, step-by-step method to prepare the family for the Intervention.

  • There is a greater than 85% admission rate for treatment when I have been involved in the Intervention.
  • I use a database of treatment centers and options, taking into account different factors, including cultural or religious considerations.
  • I will provide more detailed information--logistics, cost, and other details about the Intervention.
  • Since most Interventions will not be local, we initially “meet” via secure video conferencing or a telephone conference call.
  • After sufficient preparation work, and once we decide we are ready for the Intervention, I’ll come to you.
  • This format allows us to spend the necessary time preparing for the Intervention.
  • These steps are crucial, and should not be rushed.
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